Henry is the founder and the current Managing Director of APIC Group. After attaining a degree in Finance & Accounting at Monash University, Henry started working as a property consultant. Within a short period of time, he emerged as one bright star in this industry where his innate sales talent can be proven with his outstanding sales record. Being one of the youngest property consultants who obtained a full license in Melbourne, the property values that he has sold adds up to a total of 200 million dollars and is still accumulating today.

Driven by his fearless ambition, Henry began his entrepreneur life in 2013. His distinctive insights, endless passion and positive attitude have inspired the team and lead the company towards a prosperous future.

Rianna Yang

Business Development Manager

Rianna started her career in the industry with experience in sales representing one of the most prestige brands in Australia – Lend Lease. She joined APIC Group in the following year to dedicate her expertise in delivering management and expansion of key business relationships. The name is not new to the industry. With her positive nature and great passion for people, she has built extensive networks with both onshore and offshore channels. With her successful network, she has facilitated more than 100 million dollar in sales.

Eddie Xu

Listing Executive

Eddie is a property development marketing expert, who has passionately executed marketing strategies for off the plan projects, including nomination sales.



Carl Chen

Project Coordinator/ Accounts manager

Carl is a self-motivated and results-driven professional who is committed to delivering client satisfaction.



Steve Xu

Investing Manager
Steve owns an academic background of Commerce, he also has many years of working experience in large Australian Corporations such as Optus and Commonwealth Bank. With those various backgrounds, he has rich understanding in finance and real estate market, which enable him to confidently deal with all different kind real estate related investment.

Eliza Li

Sales Manager

Eliza has diverse experience in property consulting and residential sales particularly in Chinese markets, enables her to contribute to the development and future direction of the APIC Group. She is a focused, committed professional and passionate to develop complete solutions to assist clients starting from sales negotiation till the settlement end.


Anna Ahn

Sales Manager

Anna has many years of working experience as a real estate salesperson. She has a mixture of negotiation, marketing and sales skills. She also assists her sales team to acquire leads, negotiate deals, secure financing and complete paperwork for the sale.



Sales Manager

Meng is a senior sales in APIC, Investment Specialist as well as Australian Real Estate trainer and coach.


Chanel Zhang

Training and Marketing Specialist

Chanel is very passionate about the Australian property market, with a particular focus on Melbourne. Within APIC, Chanel is responsible for branding the company to the market, in addition to building sustainable relationships within APIC’s clients, partners and the media. She also manages APIC’s ‘Training Program’ that sources, trains and this creates ‘new blood’ for the company and wider industry.

Terry Guan

Operation Manager

Terry is a specialist in House and Land package products, who mainly focus on land estates around Western suburbs and Southeastern suburbs. He is also responsible for the general office matter.

Fiamma Wang

Land Economist
Fiamma is specialised in market research, site analysis, planning permit application and feasibility studies of residential development. She has provided professional advice for a wide range of residential, commercial and mixed-use development projects in Melbourne. With strong knowledge of market trend and property valuation, Fiamma is passionate about helping investors select the best site and investment opportunity.

Stella Lu

Residential Project Development Coordinator

Stella has worked in the property sector for many years in land subdivision and construction management. She has comprehensive knowledge in project and commercial risk management. Her experience are both at project and corporate level. She ensures delivering the best project outcomes to our property development’s client.


Eric Zhang

Property Consultant

Eric has an in-depth knowledge of the property investment in Melbourne. Eric speaks both Mandarin and fluent English. With his unique relaxed sales style, he is able to build close relationships with his clients.


Roy Zhang

Property Consultant

Roy has many years of experience in real estate industry, he also has his own mature viewpoints in real estate investment. His professionalism maximize the ROI for customers’ investment.