Australia Property Investment Corporation (APIC) is an independently owned property investment sales agency established in 2013.

Our one-stop service for home investment provides a variety of property types to facilitate a total solution for all occupiers and investors. Our commitment, professionalism, integrity and perseverance on our customers' behalf has established APIC in a leading position within the real-estate industry.


Commitment, professionalism, integrity and perseverance has always been APIC's mantra to our clients, with the aim to plan, secure and realise positive return in Australian property investment.

By combining on-going monitoring and analysis of the Australian real estate market, coordinated with our integrated management models, APIC has cemented a reputation of success in matters of property investment.


APIC has built and maintained a strong and mature network of connections and opportunities within the property industry.

This network allows APIC to offer a great range of investment options. Concurrently, APIC continues to expand and identify a wider profit-wining module with our business partners. With a leading position in Australia's real estate industry, APIC will insist in our own business philosophy. We look forward to partnering with more land developers and investors.


APIC manages customised investment portfolios on behalf of local and international clients to achieve maximum client capital return.

In the year of 2015 APIC sold 227 properties for a total value of 138 million Australian dollars. Our development department led the planning of 10 residential development projects to a total value of 56 million Australian dollars, whilst also initiating and completing seven land acquisition developments.